Isolation Flanges for cathodic protection systems
  Small processing plants for the upstream oil & gas industry and for underground natural gas storage
  High pressure pumping units
  Custom fittings for oil & gas and processing industries made of all materials, for all pressure ratings

In its continuous efforts to improve its products, W. SUCKUT VDI has a available a new insulating material for its ISO-KITS for CP.

This material demonstrates significantly improved properties versus commercially available duroplasts. The material reacts neutrally to most process media, passed tests according to DIN 10955 and ASU paragraph 35B80.30.-1(EG), and therefore is compliant with paragraph 8 of the “Bedarfsgegenstaende-Verordnung” (requirements objects regulation). Thus, it can be used in the manufacturing of food products.

Most importantly, this material does not only fulfill the electrical properties according to DIN EN 60893, but furthermore the manufacturer garantees physical strength properties (which are not part of DIN EN 60893). Thus, a duroplast is available with a complete 3.1B materials quality certificate. These guaranteed strength metrics can be used for the strength calculations of the ISO-KITs in order to prove the required safety factors for pressured parts in process plants that are subject to periodic safety inspections.

Available for sizes up to DN 1000 ( 40”) and operating pressure of PN 500 ( 7000 psi).


W.Suckut VDI ( Germany ) offers its ISO-KIT, an insulating flange kit for the cathodic protection of pipelines. The kit includes an insulating disk and insulated bolts and washers. It is fully compatible with all steel flanges, eliminating the need to change steel surfaces or to enlarge bolt holes. Its insulating disks offer a thickness of up to 2.5 in. (6,4cm) and pressures of up to 10000 psi (69MPa), giving support for vessels, valve, pipelines, and bridges.

Published in Materials Performance March 2004.



We design and manufacture complete isolating flange sets, called ISO-KITS, for pipe diameters DN 15 to DN 1200 (0.6" to 45"), for all seal surfaces according to DIN, ANSI, and API. One of the features or our ISO-KITs is the unsurpassed fibreglass reinforced resin insulation of the bolts, or studs.



We design and manufacture processing plants for the upstream oil & gas industry and for underground natural gas storage.

Pump and Dosing plants up to 1000 bar (14 500 psi) for methanol, glycol and other chemicals
High pressure equipment up to 1000 bar (14 500 psi) for liquid or gas sampling, and laboratory analysis
Pneumatic and hydraulic control plants for safety shut off valves, for above and underground installation up to 1000 bar (14 500 psi)
Design and calculation of specialty items for processing and pipeline industries
e.g. oversized equipment and equipment for highest operating pressures

Custom fittings based on your or our drawings, with the supporting design calculation upon your request. Made of all standard metal materials, also hydrogen sulphide resistant steels
Parts with or without threads, joints and nipples that convert from one thread type to another, e.g. threads as defined in DIN, ANSI or API
Reinforcement studs with or without thread according to "AD Merkblatt"
Preset and adjustable throttle nipples with hard metal nozzles as “inbetween flange design”, instrumentation flanges, gauging rings, soft iron rings of excessive height or conversion pieces from API to ANSI


We welcome all inquiries and send you more detailed information material upon request.




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